Story of the "Laux" family

Laux - Loux - Lauck - Louck - Laucks - Loucks - Louks


Since many have asked how all our branches fit together, a website has been created where we can add all of our branches.

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Website chart sources used to start website were:
Peter Loucks (1760-1825) & Anna Overholt Loucks by Edna M. Lewis Loux 2004
Peter Loucks (1805-1895) & Anna Barkey Family by Ginger Loucks 1999
Beidler Family History by A. J. Fretz
Genealogy of the Loucks Family Beginning with Johann Dietrich Loucks by
Edwin Merton McBrier 1940

Thanks to over 400 people, we have 15 branches identified plus numerous beginnings on other branches. That's 12239 people and 1232 pictures!  "Thank you" also goes to whose that shared a link to their extensive family trees that aren't included on the TribalPages site.  See below.


Three More Sources  as of 11-01-11


LAUCK family of West Virginia

Beth has spent 56 years researching.  She's still looking for the parents of Peter, Simon & Abraham.  Check out her site. You may have the answer.



Michael J. Loucks has included lots of historical background as well on his website.


Philip Loucks 1681-1751

 "Thank You" goes to Karen Oleson for sharing the following link.


Peter C. Loucks and Anna Nellis family

Val (Loucks) Konert gave me permission to include the website for the Peter C. and Anna (Nellis) Loucks family.  Click on this link:

Found 1451 family members listed here.  Check it out.  It's free.

Laux - 428        Loux - 57        Loucks - 682         Laucks - 24

Louks - 129      Lauks - 21       Lauck - 110