Story of the "Laux" family

Laux - Loux - Lauck - Louck - Laucks - Loucks - Louks

Family Inventions

The following is a list of Family Inventions that were compliled by Janet C. for the Reunion.  We're sure this list is just a small representation of the contributions our family has made to the world.  If you know of others, contact

Richard Loucks - new kind of Tobacco pipe (1925)

Irving Laucks - method for making vegetable glue (1932)

Claude Loucks - patented a "Bean Cleaner" (1943)

Omer Louck - Grab Hook for Fisherman

Harvey Loux - method for controlling undesirable vegetation

James Loucks - Sheet Metal building process

Thomas Laux - Tooth Prostheis

Brandi Loucks - Laundry Basket w/ Hip Hugging feature

Alan Loux - Taperd Ceramic Fitting and Assembly

Edwin Loux - Device for storing Security Chains & Cables for

Arthur Loux - Highway Signal

William Loux - Firearm Safety Device

Charles Loucks - Process for Chemical Cleaning Using Steam

Peter Laux - Bird Perch Cleaner

Wolfgang Laux - Pressure Sensitive Adhesive for Teeth

Carl Loucks -Electric Motor alternative for Gas-powered vehicles

Mark Laux - Apparatus for Packaaging Food

Thorsten Laux - Method for registering Energy Comsumption

Lem Loucks - Bale Loader Moisture Sensing System

Joseph Laux - Universally-sized Insole for Shoes

Benedkt Laux - Chemical Apparatus

James Loucks - Clamping Device for Sheet Metal

Robert Lauck - Hydrostatic Control System

I. Laucks - Chip Carried Module for Smart Card Technology