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December 2021 - Margaret B's Youth Ministry Class were working on a genealogy project.  Joshua discovered the podcast Genealogy Gems at and Hailey discovered the website
Thank you for sharing these links with us!

The following articles are from Edelyn C.'s extensive research.  Grateful for her willingness to share the articles. .
The Genealogy Guide
Thanks goes to Louise S. for discovering the following link.

Alexia C. discovered the following links while working on her genealogy project for school.  Thank you Alexia for sharing them with us!! and

Lots of Information found on this website!!
  (Thanks Bailey for sharing it.) & ~ Two free sources

- It's the Number #1 source for your Coat of Arms and it's history.
(Great source for that special Birthday, Anniversary  or Christmas Gift, too.)


Great place to find free printable US & UK Census Forms, Family Group Sheets, and a Research Calendar.  Site also has Census Maps, lots of "Help" tools and much more.

World Vital Records 

Sign up for their FREE Newsletter & get access to hundreds of databases for 10 days.  One benefit of the membership is you will have access to the complete book....
"Genealogy of the Loucks Family Beginning with Johann Dietrich Loucks and his descendants in direct line to Joseph Loucks Forth Generation and all his known and traceable descendant to date." by Edwin Merton McBrier 1940.

This is the book that includes all the speeches, poems, songs, prayers, etc. from the 200th Anniversary Reunion held in 1910!! - is a lesser know free source, but is loaded with information.  For example, I did a "Laux" search for all countries and found we are scattered in countries I didn't even think of checking. is another genealogists' jackpot! For example, I clicked on the "Genealogy" tab, clicked the "search" button, typed in "Laux" and had access to 194,599 matches from 205 websites.  Each website is shown thumbnail-size which after clicking takes you directly to the Laux info you requested. is a very unique website.  Just type in your family info and when a match is made with an entry with someone else's family, the families are automatically connected.  Great way to let others do the research for you!  (Some of the family info is already on this site.)  Click here for more info: -
free service including requesting pictures of tombstonesLots of times one will find Obituary included. is similar to - small compared to previously mentioned sources, but still worth checking out.

Family Tree Magazine - super source!  Sign up for a FREE Issue & their FREE Newsletter at:

Family Chronicle Magazine - another super source!  You can download a FREE Issue at

Schenectady History - 

Mennonite Historical Society -    (Located in Lancaster PA)

Olive Tree Genealogy

Palatine & Huguenot info, free genealogy databases & MORE!!
Choose from thousands of hard-to-find history and genealogy books, books on CD, maps, vital records, how-to guides, archival preservation supplies, acid free storage solutions, kits, charts and much more for the family historian. Visit North America's largest physical genealogy store online, or shop in person. Specializing in Canada, United Empire Loyalist, England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Europe and Scandinavia and more. - a free and fun place to see what was going on during someone's lifetime and who their peers were!

Need help figuring out birth or death dates?  Try this source.

Our family member, Berthold Kynast, is a Translator by profession.  He worked as a Translator for Chrysler in Germany until they closed down.  He is able to do translation work from either German or French. You can contact him at:
I know he and his family would really like to attend the 300th Anniversary Reunion,
so I'm sure he would be grateful for any work you could send his way.



The following "tree" sources are being used my various family members. - this is the official site being used for the 300th Anniversary Reunion.  Almost 50 people have either added just their family or the greater branch of their family.  THANK YOU!!    

NOTE: TribalPages  also includes the SSA Death Master File and the opportunity to Search all of TribalPages.  Click on the "PEOPLE" Tab, click "Search" and then "Search all of TribalPages.  Great way to find other family members or branches.  Some sites will give you complete access and others will only give you a contact source for further information.
- found 1451 family members by doing a "search" with LAUX and LOUCKS having the most leads. - This site covers the Peter C. Loucks and Anna Nellis family.  Thanks goes to Val (Loucks) Konert for her work and for giving permission to include her site here.   (NOTE: Presently, this site is not available.) -  This site is from Norma Shantz, granddaugher of Anna Margaret Loucks and Ezra S. Shantz.  It includes the Canadian Shantz and Bechtel families and has almost 75,000 names included.  Thanks goes her as well for her work and willingness to share. - most everyone is familiar with this site.  Great way to discover email addresses, too. - lots of links to other websites here!  "Thank you" goes to Louise Smith for sharing this source with us. 


Edna Loux has three books.  Contact her at for more info and prices.

     Peter Loucks 1760-1825 & Anna Overholt Loucks 1770-1845
                Scottdale, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania

     Loux Families of Bucks County, Pennsylvania

     A Collection of Laux, Loux, Loucks Obituaries


Contact Elaine Restad at  for her books:

Volume I  & 2 - The Loucks Families of New York

Volume 3 - The Pennsylvania Loucks, Lauck, Laucks, Loux

Volume 4 - The Lauck, Loucks, Loukx, Louk Families in
                  Virginia, West Virginia and Ohio
These four volumes include families who were in the colonies before the Revolutionary War and include descendants in the 18th, 19th, and early 20th century.  These Volumes can be found in many of the Historical Societies located in the areas of which the families settled.                                                           
Our Iowa Pioneers - On the Adam (born 1818 NY) and Jane Loucks family

Loucks - Allied Families - includes the 1710 Palatine families of Snell, Bellinge, Dockstader along with several families who were part of the Dutch West India Company in New Amsterdam

1910-1914 Loucks Reunions at York PA
  (corrections included)
Beth Dryer Humphrey's book  is now available too!

"Dryer, Lauck, Payne, Scott Genealogy...Going Home"  1991
The 387 pages are divided into 48 chapters which includes 151 pictures and tons of information (i.e. Sale Bills, Wills, personal stories, etc.) in addition to the normal genealogy and 13 pedigree charts.

Contact beth at for more info.

NOTE:  Beth has been doing genealogy research for over 50 years and is STILL looking for information on the parents of Peter, Simon and Abraham Lauck.  If you have some leads, she surely would appreciate it.
Ross McCurdy has the following book available.  Contact him for more info at:

Descendants of Henry & Sara (Sluyter) Louks of Highgate, Vermont, with lines of the other Vermont/Quebec families included, 3rd edition

Two indexes of about 7,000 names, 325+ pages and some archival pix are included.  Hard bound.

Costs are $30.00 U.S. per book.  Mailing to Canada will be about $6.00 and to the U.S. $3.00.

If you're in Canada and there's a T-D Bank in town, contact Ross about easier ordering.





Found the book Memorials of the Huguenots in America by Ammon Stapleton and published by the Huguenot Publishing Company, Carlisle PA in 1901.  Thought you might be interested in checking it out.  Here's the link and you can download the book free!   I think I have it set so the index page showing the Laux's comes up.



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Click the banner above to find over 2000 books and CD's.

One of the CD's contains 16 books of which one is The Trail of the Huguenots in Europe, in the United States, in Africa and Canada by Reaman.    Page 130 talks about Pierre Laux of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and page 216 explains how the surname "DuLaux" became "Loucks".

You can do a "Search" to find out what books contain your family name or other items of interest.


Other sources for books or CD's of family history, etc. are:

Social Network Sources

Thanks to Alison Loucks for setting up and Tina Loux maintaining the following social network sites to help us spread the word about the Reunion and to discover unknown family members.   



BLOGSPOT - This site is siimilar to Facebook and has been started by, but is solely geared to those searching for other family members also doing research.  It's free.  CHECK IT OUT TODAY.


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