Story of the "Laux" family

Laux - Loux - Lauck - Louck - Laucks - Loucks - Louks


On this page you can have your local family reunion announced or other special reunions that relate to the family as well.

You will also find special Research projects listed that you can either participate in or donate $$ towards the cost.



June 20-23, 2013  Palatines to America Nat'l Conference 

Where:  The Desmond Hotel, Albany, NY  (800-448-3500)

Enjoy speakers Henry Z “Hank” Jones, Jr. F.A.S.G., Christine Crawford-Oppenheimer, Joseph Lieby, Jeff O’Connor, Hans Pohlsander, and Ernest Thode and Peter Christoph.

Tours include the NYS Library and Archives and various historical sites.

For more info:

Palatines to America, PO Box 141260, Columbus, OH 43214
Phone: 614-267-4700





Received a message from the Palatine Project Administrator, Alice Clark, that we still need
Laux-Loux-Lauck-Laucks-Louck-Loucks-Louks family members to participate in the Family Tree DNA project.
Occasionally FTDNA offers price cuts, so check in often in order to take advantage of the lower rates.


Sign up NOW and not only satisfy your own curiosity but
more importantly, help out your family palatine group.  Your "cousins" Vernon, Orie, Ed, Terry & others are asking you to participate in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

We suggest the YDNA37  or the YDNA67 test.  While the YDNA37 is good, the YDNA67 gives a better fix on when the common ancestor lived. *Discount Prices are listed  after you sign up to participate.

GOAL is to have 50 male participants
the 2015 Int'l Family Reunion.

NOTE:  Women there is now a test for us too! (mtDNAPlus)

1.  To participate, you first need to join the Palatine Project
(This is the Project that analyzes the DNA of those who descend along the DIRECT
LINE from the Palatine who left Germany during the early 18th century, ESPECIALLY DURING THE PERIOD 1708-1710.  Many were assigned so-called Hunter List numbers when they arrived in New York State.  If you currently live in Germany and believe an ancestor was a part of the exodus, then you are a great candiate for the project, too.)

2.  Go to
3.  Click on "Surname Search" (found in the upper right corner)
4.  G
o through the prompts to ask to join.
5.  Alice Clark will then receive an email regarding your request.
6.  Order the Test of your choice on the website.
7.  Send Alice Clark ( your known Paternal
Pedigree (see sample below) or include it in your request to join while online.


Peter Batdorff (Hunter List 18) - Line Leader jonathan DOT batdorff AT navistar DOT COM

Johannes ‘Peter’ Batdorff (b. abt 1640, d. ? ) m. ?
(1) Peter Batdorff (b. abt 1670, d. 1709?) enroute to America from Holland) m. Anna Maria ?
(b. ? d. ? )
(2) Martin Batdorff (b. Sept 1698, d. abt 1782) m. Maria Elizabeth Walborn (b. 1696, d. aft 1766)
(3) Henrich ‘Henry’ Batdorff (b. abt 1732, d. 15 Aug 1808) m. Anna Maria Saltzgeber
(b. abt 1730, d. ? )
(4) George Peter Batdorff (b. 11 Feb 1768, d. aft 1854) m. Catherine Brine (b. ? , d. abt 1837)
(5) Johannes ‘John’ Batdorff (b. 12 Aug 1794, d. 1 Mar 1871) m. Catherine Daniels
(b. 28 Nov 1795, d. 20 Jan 1877)
(6) Wilhelm/William Batdorff (b. 20 Jul 1820, d. 14 Sep 1900) m. Sarah Cole
(b. 18 Mar 1822, d. 1898)
(7) Eli Batdorff (b. 23 Sep 1848, d. 18 Jul 1930) m. Latheria Samantha Curtis
(b. 7 Nov 1848, d. 8 Apr 1930)
(8) Emerson Martin Batdorff (b. 3 Sep 1868, d. 13 Jul 1951) m. Talitha Agnes Myers
(b. 11 May 1869, b. 11 Jul 1967)
(9) L. Dale Batdorff (b. 21 Jun 1900, d. 3 Oct 1975) m. Henrietta Dorothea Radtke
(b. 29 Jun 1907, d. 2 Jul 1971)

8.  An update of all gathered information will be shared at the next Int'l "Laux" Reunion to be held in June 2012.

For more information, go to




NOTE:  Makes a great Birthday or Christmas present, too!