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Established one of the first Burn Treatment Centers in the United States.  Click the link to read more.  Dr. James H. Loucks.jpg



Outstanding Athlete - Football, Lacrosse, Hockey and Track & Field plus International Curling Champion.  Click on the link for full bio on this outstanding athlete, businessman and father.



Thanks goes to her son, Terry, for providing us with this link and thus, the story of his Mum. What a beautiful lady! 


On page 297 of Loux Families of Bucks County #VII at bottom of the page is Timothy John Loux, born March 7, 1950, son of John Loux and Edythe Jamieson Loux.  He is a U.S. Army Veteran of the Vietnam War.  Tim either tripped a wire or stepped on a land mine in May 1971 and lost both his legs below the knees.  Tim is remarkable in that he faced a problem that to many would have been insurmountable.  Tim said "The Lord has done this for a reason."  He is married and the father of Matthew Loux, Megan Loux and Nathan Loux. 

On page 185 of Loux Families of Bucks County, Pennsylvania #VIII at the bottom of the page is David Andrew Loux, born February 4, 1946, son of Andrew J. Loux, Jr and Ruth Hathaway Loux.  David is blind.  David is retired from the Seeing Eye Foundation in New Jersey.  David too had an insurmountable problem but chose to be the best he could be.  I worked with Judy Hollenbach who with her husband John met David and had dealings with him at the Seeing Eye Foundation.  Last I heard David was living in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  David is married and the father of Kent Andrew Loux and Melissa Mae Loux.     


Get to know our 4-Star General Jacob "Jake" Loucks Devers by clinking on the following link:

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Jacob Loucks & York International Corporation 

Did you know that Gen. Jacob Loucks Devers Grandfather, Jacob Loucks was one of the founders of the York International Corp.?

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Dorianne Laux has written numerous books of poetry.  Read more about her and read some of her poetry at:         



Phillies Pitcher, JAMIE MOYER's grandmother was Miriam T. Loux (wife of Leroy M. Moyer). They are descendants of John Loux, son of Peter Laux, the Immigrant. 

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Other Professional Baseball players are:
           Shane Loux    Go to and type in Shane_Loux
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          Scott Loucks  Go to & type in Scott_Loucks
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Also don't forget about France Laux, the first full-time radio announcer of baseball in St Louis. 

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Frigidaire Presents: An Evening With Lum & Abner, Vol. 1 1949 (Chester Lauck & Norris Goff) / 1973 Mark 56 Records 605

Chet Lauck and Norris Goff were the creators of Lum & Abner. Chet was born on February 2, 1902 in Aleene, Arkansas and Norris was born in Cove, Arkansas on May 30, 1906. Both had moved to Mena with their families by 1911. They lived only a few blocks apart and grew up together. They were both very talented comedians and by 1931 had become local "Amos and Andy" imitators. They were scheduled to perform on a local charity program in Hot Springs, Arkansas on April 26, 1931. At the last minute they decided to appear as two old-time Arkansas philosophers with the names "Lum Eddards" and "Abner Peabody". Thus was formed a team that was to delight radio audiences for the next 25 years. Just three months later on July 27, 1931 "Lum & Abner" made its' national radio debut on the NBC radio network from Chicago with the Quaker Oats Company as their first sponsor. This was to continue, with different sponsors and networks, for nearly 25 years. They also performed their routines on vaudeville stages throughout the country. By 1933 they had introduced the "Jot "Em Down Store" to their audiences and this would become the focal point of most of the programs. By 1940, Chet and Norris were on their way to Hollywood to make the first of seven motion pictures. In 1948 the radio format was changed from a 15-minute show to a thirty minute program. The new shows used special guest stars, a live orchestra, and a studio audience. This was quite a change from the original shows and was not as well received by the listening audience. By 1953 television was the new rage in America. Chet and Norris considered trying the new medium and a pilot show was taped. However, Norris' health problems were just too much to allow him to stand rigors of performing on early tv. So Chet and Norris decided to retire those "two loveable old characters from Pine Ridge". Another era of the golden age of radio came to an end.


Received an email from Toni 29-Jan-2009 with Chet's ancestry:

Father:                  William J. Lauck, born 1872
Grandfather:         James F. Lauck, born 1830
G Grandfather:     Alford S. Lauck, born 1806
G G Grandfather:  Simon Lauck, born 1783 (m: Mary Sensensy)
GGG Grandfather: Simon Lauck, born 1760 (m: Catherine Star)

Simon Sr was born in Pennsylvania and probably in York County.
He had brothers, Peter & Abraham and a sister, Catherine E. The brothers and sister moved to Winchester, Virginia around the time of the Revolutionary War.  Peter and Simon were both part of the "Dutch Mess" that went to Canada under General Daniel Morgan.

Simon Sr's parents are unproven at this time, but most researching this "line" believe the tie to the 1709-1710 immigration.

Thank you, Toni, for sharing this information!



The following article is a combination of 2 articles, sources unknown.

Long prominent in business and civic affairs, S. Forry Laucks, of "Lauxmont Farms", on the Susquehanna River, near Wrightsville (PA) distinguished himself as President of the York Safe & Lock Company of York and as the Owner and Operator of several thousand acres of land.  His achievement in business and farming, as well as in civic service, was of a high order of usefulness, earning for him wide admiration, respect and affection.  His generosity and fairness were traits that marked him as a man among men, and he was increasingly honored and love with advancing years.

S. Forry Laucks was born August 12, 1870 in York PA, son of the late Israel & Imilda A. (Wilt) Laucks, an member of an old Pennsylvania family.  Before the mid-point of the eighteenth century his ancestors settled in what is now York County.  His grandfather was a successful York merchant, as well as the owner of several farms.  His father was long a successful business man.  S. Forry Laucks had three sisters who survived him: Irene Laucks (York), Mrs. Sadie N. Motter (York), widow of the late Robert L. Motter, and Mrs. Grace V. Buckingham of Baltimore.

He attended public schools in York and was later a student at the York Collegiate Institute and the York County Academy.  When only 20 years of age, he was made General Manager of the York Safe & Lock Company.  Though young, he displayed remarkable vision and worked hard.  It was mainly as a result of his efforts that the company rose from a hopeless condition, financially speaking, to a place of importance among Pennsylvania's industrial plants.  In both World Wars, he placed the company's facilities at the disposal of the government, transferring its energies from the building of safety vaults and the like to the production of armaments and other heavy metal equipment needed for the pursuits of warfare.

At the close of World War I, in 1918, the United States War Department through Secretary Weeks, bestowed upon him and his work a special award of honor in appreciation of their distinguished and efficient service in the output of special lathes, armor plates, gun parts and firing mechanisms for 6", 8", and 10" guns.

One for the firm's doors was used to seal the tomb containing the remains of China's sainted Sun Yat-sen.  Doors made by the York Safe & Lock Company are in use in National Banks in Portugal, Spain, Mexico and Japan , as well as in banks in London, Shanghai, Hsinking, Puerto Rico, and some South American capitals.  The Company had, at the time of his death, the distinction of heading the list of American vault builders.

He was noted, not alone as a vault-maker, but as a munitions and armaments expert.  With characteristic foresight, he shifted the facilites of his plant to armament production in 1938 and materially speeded up the output of needed arms even before the United States entered the present war.

Even in the closing difficult weeks of his life while combating serious illness, he kept in touch with developments at the York Safe & Lock Company plant, following personally the construction of new buildings and the enlargement of the plant.  At the close of his life, approximately, 4000 people were employed by the Company.

Aside from his success industry, he concerned himself with farming operations on a huge scale.  He was internationally known for his accomplishments along these lines as well. His Duroc-Jersey hogs were shipped to Central and South America for breeding purposes.  He bought steers from the Plains.  At the dairy farm at "Lauxmont", he developed a number of prize-winning specimens of Holstein-Friesian stock.  He also produced White Holland turkeys.  He was responsible for starting the Boys' & Girls' 4-H Baby Beef Club in York County and did much to further a general interest in farming and stock-raising.

A Democrat in his political views, Forry was a follower & supporter of Franklin D. Roosevelt before Rossevelt's first election.  Forry served as a Delegate to all three Democratic National Conventions that nominated Roosevelt for the Presidential candidate.  Back in 1912, he was also a Delegate to the Baltimore Convention that nominated Woodro Wilson for his first term.  He was active in the Young Men's Democratic Society, was Chairman of General Committee who arranged the 50th Anniversary Jefferson-Jackson celebration dinner that was held in the Alcazar Ballroom in York on April 25, 1942 with Vice-President Henry Wallace as guest of honor. (Forry died two weeks before the event.)  He also headed up the arrangements for the Annual Woodrow Wilson Birthday Memorial Dinner and the Annual President Roosevelt's Birthday Observance.

His civic and cultural interests were many.  Mr. Laucks aided substantially in the effort to help infantile paralysis sufferers, was particularly interested in education as was evident in his many memberships on school and college Boards of Trustees.  He was appointed by Governor George H. Earle as a Trustee of Pennsylvania State College. He served as Trustee at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, of York Collegiate Institute, and at the York County Academy.  He gave financially to the building fund of the YMCA (located at Philadelphia & Newberry Streets) of which he was a Trustee.

He was a Delegate from the American Red Cross to the International Convention that was held in Japan.  He was a member of the York County Historical Society, Chairman of the Sesquicentennial celebration held in York in 1927 to commemorate the meeting of the Continental Congress here in 1777.  He was Chariman of the Dedicatory Committee of the Wrightsville-Columbia Bridge and presided at the special exercises in that dedication on Armistice Day, November 11, 1930.  He was Vice-President of the Vigilant Fire Company and Honorary Member of the Goodwill Fire Company.  He was the originator and sponsor of the Annual Halloween celebrations which included parades, demonstrations by industries, stores and individuals.

To his other list of business activities, he added the Presidency of the York Foundry & Machine Company and the Maryland Bolt & Nut Company of Baltimore, and a Directorship in the York, Hanover & Frederick Railroad Company.  He was a Director of the Pennsylvania State Chamber of Commerce for many years, belonged to the Lafayette Club, the York Country Club, theOutdoor Club and the Rotary Club.

He was a member of the Trinity First Reformed Church.  S. Forry Laucks married Blanche V. Elliott on October 20, 1896 who died in 1925.  They were the parents of a son, Elliott Forry Laucks.  Elliott lived with his wife and their two children in West Orange, New Jersey.

Forry died on April 11, 1942 at his home on the "Lauxmont Farms".

He was one of the leading men of his time.  A Pennsylvanian who was known far beyond the boundaries of his State or Nation, and one who, despite his climbing high on the ladder of success, never forgot, those with whom he mingled in boyhood, youth and early life.  An industrialist of rare and proven abilities, a civic leader straightforward and progressive-minded, a promoter of music and the arts, S. Forry Laucks was, above all, a devoted humanitarian and a true friend.

  He maintained a city residence at No. 40 North Queen Street in York where he entertained many business men, public figures and personal friends, but he regarded "Lauxmont Farms" as his real home. Here he created a great center of hospitality and friendliness.  Musicians and Artists appeared here too, and many brilliant events were held.  He was deeply fond of fine music and helped to popularize Grand Opera in this country.  He also assisted in the founding of the York Symphony Orchestra of which he beame the Chairman of the Board of Directors and for a number of years later in life, headed the Orchestra's ticket campaign.



Henri Loux (1873-1907)
Painter and Artist

    Below are some links to the information about Henri Loux (1873 - 1907), the painter and well know artist.  I have a plate that has been handed down to me from my husband's grandmother.  The story is that it was given to her from her husband's grandmother - a set was "broken" and one plate given to each son's wife some time along the way.  It would be interesting to me to see if others have plates too.  There are some for sale on the french version of EBAY.

    I studied in Strasbourg, France where Henri lived and eventually died and I feel a great affinity to his work as it depicts Alsatian life.  My family (DeLo) was also from this region of France. --  Tina Loux